“Everyone celebrates, one drives”. The Sprinter hits 20.

“Everyone celebrates, one drives”. The Sprinter hits 20.

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The van icon from Mercedes-Benz has been leading the way for two decades now.

A look in the rear-view mirror.

It has always been in a class of its own. When the successor to the Mercedes-Benz T1 van (also known as the “Bremen van”) was launched in 1995, it established an entirely new segment, which duly adopted the newcomer’s name. No longer was the term “Sprinter” associated first and foremost with a sweat-soaked athlete.

From now on, “Sprinter” stood for a robust, spacious, powerful and reliable all-rounder. And this multi-talented vehicle is now celebrating its 20th birthday.

Beginning its seventh life at 20.

Various milestones plot the course of this 20-year success story for the Sprinter: in 2000 it boasted a revamped look and a more comfortable cab. 2002 saw the introduction of ESP as standard. In 2006 it completely re-invented itself. In 2009 new four-cylinder engines and a six-speed transmission were introduced, followed in 2012 by a new automatic transmission and a more powerful version of ADAPTIVE ESP®. After achieving sales totalling 2.9 million Sprinters in 150 markets, it is now appearing in a seventh variant to mark its anniversary –  as a limited special “Edition Sprinter” model featuring exclusive equipment and appointments.

Made for heroes: the campaign.

All this would be reason enough to take some time out and celebrate – if the Sprinter were not such an unflagging doer that’s built to just go on. And on. And on. The type that’s always there first at any party – to get it all set up. It doesn’t need a stage – it brings one along with it. And its idea of fun is to get stuck into the next job.

In a nutshell: “Everyone celebrates, one drives”. The motto for the anniversary campaign crystallizes the essence of its protagonist. So Happy Birthday, and keep going strong!


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